Contact particulars

The Advayavada Stichting (a.k.a. Advayavada Foundation) was established in Amsterdam, the Netherlands, on November 14th, 2001, and registered in the Chamber of Commerce of Amsterdam as a non-profit foundation on November 21st, 2001, under number 34165177.

The purpose of the Advayavada Foundation is the proclamation by all possible means in the Netherlands and abroad of the conviction, embodied in Advayavada Buddhism, that man experiences as progress that which agrees with the direction in which overall existence moves forward over time, and that the Buddhist Noble Eightfold Path must in consequence be understood as a reflexion at the human level, and in human terms, of that progress of existence.

Besides carrying out its official main purpose, the Advayavada Foundation seeks to further the implementation of the following universal common ground negotiation formula: In the case of tension and the threat of conflict, to immediately lower our concern and attention to the level of the values we already share and to restart the negotiations from that point onwards as often as necessary.

Our address is:

Advayavada Stichting
Postbus 10502
The Netherlands
telephone: +31-(0)20-6269602

Donations: Please instruct your bank to transfer your donation to the Advayavada Stichting, account at the ABN-AMRO Bank, Singel 548, 1017 AZ Amsterdam (IBAN: NL83ABNA0814472079; BIC: ABNANL2A). All amounts welcome. Thank you very much!