Advayavada Study Plan – week 25

[Advayavada Study Plan – week 25] In week 19 we reviewed and took stock of our personal situation and circumstances, in week 20 we took an appropriate and timely decision to adjust our course, in week 21 we put our decision and objective in writing as precisely as possible, in week 22 we further developed our very best attitude to carry out our improved personal objective, in week 23 we implemented our improved way of doing things as best as possible, in week 24 we concentrated on mustering our very best effort and commitment to fulfil our improved objective and, to continue with this quarter’s 13-week Advayavada Study Plan, in week 25 we shall again make our best possible evaluation of our efforts to date. This task is based on the 7th step on the Noble Eightfold Path: samma-sati (in Pali) or samyak-smriti (in Sanskrit); in Advayavada Buddhism’s usage: our very best observation or reflection and self-correction; in Dutch: onze beste aandacht (de zevende stap op het edele achtvoudige pad). Next week is the last step in this 13-week cycle: we shall then continue to develop our very best meditation towards Samadhi and our awareness of Nirvana. (from